METROMIX caters to our customers’ needs by offering a large array of footwear, apparel and outerwear options for the whole family. We offer the best selection of premium brands and styles – delivering a relevant product assortment that connects with our customers’ ever changing lifestyle. This premium experience is driven by the quality of the footwear, apparel and outerwear that we provide. We compliment this great mix of sport and casual footwear with premium brand apparel, outerwear and accessories.


We connect to fashion conscious individuals through a premium brand experience featuring the best selection of authentic footwear, apparel and outerwear. We define this premium experience through our variety of products, store presentation, staff knowledge and customer service.


At METROMIX, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a premium brand experience. This is defined by our store presentation, staff knowledge and excellent customer service. We want each and every one of our clients to feel like they have received this premium customer service. METROMIX is built from our passion to make the customer’s experience the best it could possibly be. Customer service is the heart and soul of our brand and we want our customers to be satisfied with every purchase they make.


In addition to our premium brand service, our staff is trained in product knowledge of each   store item. Product education is always on-going; this ensures that our customers choose the best   possible options. We are able to answer any questions about shoes and apparel to assist our customers   the best way we can.


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